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Facilitating Networking and Information Sharing amongst Pharmaceutical and MedComms, Medical Communications, Medical Education and Medical Publishing Specialists

This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    MedComms Networking activities support a global community of medical communications specialists. Anyone, anywhere, can participate free of charge at anytime. Kudos to our Sponsors.

    I'm always happy to chat and all feedback is welcome. Give me a shout anytime or post your thoughts to the MedComms Networking LinkedIn group. Go #MedComms!

    Scroll down for details of upcoming activities.

    Meantime, you can see reports of all the previous meetings here.


    Peter Llewellyn
    Connect on LinkedIn

    Setting Standards in Healthcare Content Creation

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 29 May 2024

    In this webinar we will hear about the work of The Patient Information Forum (PIF), the independent UK membership body for people working in health information and support. They run the only quality mark for health information - the PIF TICK. We will be joined by Sophie Randall (Director), Dan Wills (Quality Mark Manager) and Virginia Chachati (PIF TICK Engagement specialist) to talk about working towards their vision, that "Everyone has access to personalised health information and support to enable them to make informed decisions about their health, wellbeing and care." And we answer questions from the audience.


    Pharma Careers: Pivoting into Pharma from MedComms

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 05 June 2024

    In this webinar, Sian Kneller (Medical Affairs, GSK), author of the e-book, The Agency Advantage - Leveraging Skills for Success In-House in Pharma, is joined by panelists who have all moved from communications agencies into Pharma roles. We'll hear about their personal journeys, talk about the challenges they faced moving "client side", reflect on the value of the agency skills they took with them and share practical tips for anyone thinking of making the move. Our panelists will be Kate Gavljak (Patient Experience, J&J), Faiz Kermani(Scientific Communications, Roche) and Abigail Stevenson (Global HEOR, Chiesi). And we answer questions from the audience.


    #MEDCOMMS DAY 2024 - from sunrise in Auckland, NZ to sunset in San Francisco, USA

    Date: Wednesday 12 June 2024

    Make a diary note and start planning for our 13th annual #MedComms Day. We start with the sun rising over Auckland, New Zealand and finish with it setting over San Francisco, USA. Follow #MedComms on your favourite social media platform and join the celebrations. Shout out "Happy #MedComms Day" and ideally share photos and news of what you are up to from wherever in the world you are on the day.

    Be as creative as you like...

    Go #MedComms!

    What's planned so far?

    Early Doors - the day before - Tuesday 11 June

    Informal evening meal: The North-West London #MedComms Freelancers
    In-person, at The Ascott, Eastcote, Pinner, London, UK, 19.30 -21.30 UK time - Freelancers welcome

    #MedComms Day 2024 Wednesday 12 June

    Informal coffee followed by a beach walk: Sussex #MedComms Freelancers
    In-person, at Coast cafe, Worthing, UK, 10.30 -12.30 UK time - everyone's welcome

    The Great #MedComms Workbook Bake Off
    Online, 10.30-11.30 UK time - all freelancers welcome, not just Workbook subscribers

    Informal lunch gathering: The Yorkshire #MedComms Freelancers
    In-person, at Browns, The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, UK, 12.00 Midday-14.00 UK time - everyone's welcome

    #MedComms Webinar: New approaches for a new era in medcomms
    Online, 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time - everyone's welcome

    Festival of #MedComms: A networking and careers event for professionals in healthcare communications
    Online, 13.00-15.00 UK time - everyone's welcome

    Full programme and registration details are at

    Save the date!

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 19 June 2024

    Booked - more details coming soon!

    [For more details please contact Peter Llewellyn]

    Embracing AI within publications and medical affairs

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 26 June 2024

    Using AI to enhance medical communications outputs is obviously a hot topic being debated right now, marking a paradigm shift in the way agencies deliver medical affairs and publications outputs to stay competitive. In this webinar, the Nested Knowledge team will demonstrate how agencies and pharma can use their multi-AI-driven, living literature platform to produce high-quality outputs such as systematic literature reviews, scientific communications platforms, and publication updates in a cost-effective and timely manner. Existing users of the Nested Knowledge platform will also outline real-life examples of how the platform has benefitted them. And we answer questions from the audience.


    Save the date!

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 03 July 2024

    Booked - more details coming soon!

    [For more details please contact Peter Llewellyn]

    Compliance, Regulatory Challenges and Event Innovation

    Venue: Mereside Atrium, Alderley Park, Congleton Road, Nether Alderley, Macclesfield, SK10 4TG
    Date: 15.00-18.30 UK time, Wednesday 10 July 2024

    Increasingly innovative ways to communicate and distribute information around live events, including pre- and post-event materials, can trigger additional challenges from pharmaceutical regulatory frameworks. How can agencies involved in events best assess and meet these challenges in differing areas of responsibility, such as Logistics, Materials and Digital production, Scientific content, On-line accessibility restrictions?

    Any live event has at its core fixed dates when things need to happen. Yet time scales for approval processes vary greatly. A comprehensive knowledge of compliance requirements and anticipation of their time scales for sign off are vital if delivery is to be stress free and successful. And where any innovative communication concepts are proposed informed anticipation of any regulatory issues is necessary.

    Join us for lively discussion and networking opportunities with specialists from across #MedComms. Everyone's welcome.



    Bear with us while we recover from the non-stop weekly routine of #MedComms webinars. We'll take a break here for the Summer and return in September. To catch up on the recordings, please visit

    [If you have any questions about future activities, or suggestions for future topics and speakers, please contact Peter Llewellyn]


    We'll next celebrate a day in the life of MedComms on 12 June 2024. We start with the sun rising over Auckland, New Zealand and finish with it setting over San Francisco, USA

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