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    This event looking at the new Codes of Practice just issued by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) was led by Joan Barnard, Medical Consultant and acknowledged expert in the pharmacutical industry codes of practice.

    A fuller summary was prepared from the Oxford event the previous week. Read the fuller summary here...

    Joan is the author of numerous articles that have appeared in various industry magazines and she has published The Code in Practice and The Code in the Field which focus on the UK Code and are widely used by pharmaceutical companies and other related organizations when training their staff. Both are now in their Second Edition to take into account last year's updates.

    Joan explained, in some detail, the new provisions of the EFPIA Code and how they would now filter down into the national codes, including the UK Code, next year. Joan was also able to answer a host of questions from the audience. These covered everything from handling speaker fees for meetings and the challenge of working with the UK's insistence that promotional gifts have a perceived and actual cost of 6, to increasing visibility of the code from the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) as well as the award-winning work ongoing in the UK to educate the healthcare professionals about the industry's code of practice. It often seems to be forgotten that "it takes two to tango" and yet accountability still rests firmly on the industry's shoulders. Whether we like it or not, though, it does seem a lot more stringent requirements are coming everyone's way for more written contracts and transparency of arrangements between all stakeholders; industry, agencies, healthcare professionals and patient support organizations.

    The key changes are contained in the:

  • EFPIA Code on the promotion of prescription-only medicines to, and interactions with, healthcare professionals
  • EFPIA Code of Practice on relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organisations

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    Wolters Kluwer Health

    LED BY:

    The Code in Practice by Joan Barnard
    Joan Barnard is a Medical Consultant and author of The Code in Practice and The Code in the Field


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