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This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    The following selected references from the past year or so should prove useful reading for everyone in MedComms. You will find a much more extensive collection of relevant headlines and links to news, views and opinions developing at our related service.

    Where next for patient centricity in pharma?
    Published by pharmaphorum, 8 November 2019

    As patient centricity seems to be hitting a slump, Paul Tunnah lays out the key factors companies need to consider to deliver on its promises.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Reflecting on the release of the Open Pharma position statement on open access
    Published by Open Pharma, 7 November 2019

    Today, just over two weeks from the launch of the Open Pharma position statement on open access, we reflect on how the statement came about, the benefits it offers to different types of stakeholders and the success it has had so far.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Why we need a sector-wide emphasis on accessible health information
    Published by pharmaphorum, 17 October 2019

    In the quest to provide evidence-based health information, the importance of understandable, accessible materials can get lost in translation. But 'medically accurate' and 'health literacy appropriate' are not mutually exclusive, says the Patient Information Forum (PIF).

    [Read on to find out more]

    A guide to applying the Good Publication Practice 3 guidelines in the Asia-Pacific region
    Published by Research Integrity and Peer Review, 2 October 2019

    Numerous recommendations and guidelines aim to improve the quality, timeliness and transparency of medical publications. However, these guidelines use ambiguous language that can be challenging to interpret, particularly for speakers of English as a second language.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Publication Planning at Smaller Companies: Top 5 Learnings for Success
    Published by the MAP Newsletter, 24 September 2019

    Generating and deploying a robust publication plan at a smaller or earlier-stage company, where resources may be scarce, budgets low, and awareness of best practices limited, presents a unique set of challenges.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Updated Pitching Code of Conduct Published by the HCA
    Published by the Healthcare Communications Association (HCA), 19 September 2019

    The HCA's updated Pitching Code of Conduct provides a best practice template to continue to support clients and agencies navigate the ever-changing pitch process. The code has been developed and updated with contribution from pharmaceutical representatives from marketing and communications and procurement, as well as healthcare communication agencies.

    [Read on to find out more]

    MPIP Tackles Barriers to Open Access Through Latest Initiatives
    Published by Medical Publishing Insights and Practices (MPIP), 29 August 2019

    Open access options can vary by funding source as well as by journal, and this information is not readily available on journal websites. To address this gap, MPIP created the Open Access Journal Tool for Industry (OA-JTI), a free and unique resource to help find open access publishing options for industry-sponsored research.

    [Read on to find out more]

    AMWA-EMWA-ISMPP joint position statement on predatory publishing
    Published by Current Medical Research and Opinion, 29 July 2019

    The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) and the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) recognize the challenges to scientific publishing being posed by predatory journals and their publishers, which employ practices undermining the quality, integrity and reliability of published scientific research. This joint position statement complements several other sets of guidelines that have helped define the characteristics of a predatory journal.

    [Read on to find out more]

    How to involve patients in medical publishing: insights from a patient advocate
    Published by The Publication Plan, 22 July 2019

    Simon Stones gives his view on the practical steps that patients, publishers and the pharmaceutical industry can take to boost patient involvement in research.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Access all areas?
    Published by Research Fortnight, 10 July 2019

    The pharmaceutical industry is embracing openness in publishing - it should also be pushing for more of it, says Chris Winchester.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Author Insights On: Transparency and Credibility of Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial Publications: A Survey of Journal Editors
    Published by The MAP newsletter, 14 June 2019

    Over the past decade, we have seen an increasing demand for greater transparency in industry-sponsored research and the negative impact a lack of transparency can have on trust and credibility of published results.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Pharmaceutical industry launches new guidance on working with patients
    Published by PharmaTimes, 14 June 2019

    The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has published a new guide for pharmaceutical companies working with patients, which provides companies with new guidance on "working successfully, collaboratively and ethically with patients and patient groups and in line with the ABPI Code of Practice.

    [Read on to find out more]

    We Need to Talk about PLS... Exploring the Opportunities of Plain-Language Summaries
    Published by The MAP newsletter, 1 May 2019

    Patients have the most to gain from the research and development of medicines. Their perspective on the development of new treatments is critical and should be valued alongside that of the investigator and sponsor.

    [Read on to find out more]

    From lay summaries to patient engagement programmes: how patient-centricity is finally becoming a reality
    Published by, 18 April 2019

    In 2014, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave the first indication that layperson summaries of the results of pharma-sponsored clinical trials would become part of their mandatory requirements.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Meeting report: summary of day 2 of the 2019 European ISMPP Meeting
    Published by The Publication Plan, 7 February 2019

    The 2019 European Meeting of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) was held in London on 22-23 January and attracted more than 300 delegates; the highest number of attendees to date. A summary of the second day of the meeting is provided.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Meeting report: summary of day 1 of the 2019 European ISMPP Meeting
    Published by The Publication Plan, 31 January 2019

    The 2019 European Meeting of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) was held in London on 22-23 January and attracted more than 300 delegates; the highest number of attendees to date. A summary of the first day of the meeting is provided.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Rare Diseases: How to Develop an Effective Publication Strategy
    Published by the MAP newsletter, 30 January 2019

    Eleanor Thurtle, Annabel Griffiths, and Danielle Sheard of Costello Medical, Cambridge, UK, write about the various challenges and conundrums are associated with strategic publication planning in rare diseases.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Whenever, wherever - the new face of flexible working
    Published by PMLive, 28 January 2019

    Anna Korving argues that flexible, agile, dynamic or smart working is now one of the key differentiators for agency employers.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Pharmaceutical companies follow public funders of research in efforts to reform science publishing
    Published by The BMJ, 25 January 2019

    The author, Richard Smith, writes that "Funders of research are the one group who have the power to change the slow, inefficient, old-fashioned, wasteful, arbitrary, and, some would say, iniquitous way that we publish science."

    [Read on to find out more]

    Ipsen commits to making all its published scientific research freely accessible to everyone
    Published by Ipsen, 21 January 2019

    Ipsen announces that "From January 2019, our aim is to publish all Ipsen-affiliated research "open access". Open access means that the article will be openly accessible online and free of cost or other barriers."

    [Read on to find out more]

    Global ban on pharma freebies, including cultural gifts
    Published by, 14 January 2019

    A newly updated global code of practice for the pharmaceutical industry has come into force, banning the offering of gifts and promotional aids around the world.

    [Read on to find out more]

    Plan S: The Ambitious Initiative to End the Reign of Paywalls
    Published by The Scientist, 19 December 2018

    Diana Kwon describes how a funder-driven push for freely accessible scholarly literature has divided the scientific community.

    [Read on to find out more]



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