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This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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  • This event is free of charge for any members of this MedComms Networking Community, or anyone who would like to learn more about the MedComms business. Everyone welcome.

    Sorry but this meeting is now fully booked.

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    Optimising training for medical writers

    This will be an opportunity to tackle an important, ongoing topic for the MedComms community. But it will also be an opportunity to relax with your peers, to celebrate the year that is ending and look forward to the year to come. The aim is to explore aspects of training for new writers and advanced practitioners who are seeking to progress and diversify. We will also look at different areas such as regulatory and medical device writing. This event is free to attend thanks to the generosity of the sponsors, Stgilesmedical.

    Sorry but this meeting is now fully booked.

    Date: 18 December 2018

    Venue: Stgilesmedical, Vestry House, 60 St Giles High Street London WC2H 8LG


    13:00-14:00 Sandwich lunch

    14:00 Welcome and setting the scene
    Peter Llewellyn, NetworkPharma. The challenges of training medical writers

    14:15 Training for newbies - two perspectives
    John Matthew, AMICULUM and Christine McCann, Prime Global

    14:45 Enhancing professional skills in the medical writing team
    Diane Sutherland, Fishawack Group. Supporting the development of medical writers in an agency environment - approaches to training medical writers with different profiles/abilities and at different stages of their careers

    15:00 The views of a new medical writer from Spain and an experienced writer/editor from Germany
    Angela Garcia-Perez and Gerhard Pappert, Dr Pappert Berlin. Angela is a junior, non-native speaker working in Spain, Gerhard is an experienced Berlin-based writer/editor.

    15:15 'So, you want to be a regulatory writer? A training programme for the uninitiated in India'
    Jim Newman, PAREXEL. Jim will describe their company's experience in India

    15:30 Oxford debate: Can online learning fill the training gap?
    Tim Hardman, Niche Science and Technology vs Steven Walker, Stgilesmedical. Each will speak for 3 minutes and then both will take questions. The audience will then vote a winner

    15:45 An industry perspective
    Jesse Alderson, Merck. Jesse has worked in agencies and now industry. He will provide a personal view as to the skills both sectors need both from inhouse writers and external suppliers.

    16:00 The role of EMWA in training writers
    Alison Rapley, EMWA ambassador and past president

    16:15 Panel discussion

    16:30-17:00: Christmas quiz with prizes led by Claire Hawksworth, Stgilesmedical

    17:00-18:00: Homemade mince pies and champagne


    055 Anisha Mehra, Cello Health MedErgy
    054 Roisin O'Connor, inScience Communications
    053 Andrew Thomson, inScience Communications
    052 Mark Davies, inScience Communications
    051 Kirsty Okyne, Mudskipper
    050 Margaret Wright, Independent
    049 Jacob Frum, Independent
    048 Jen Lewis, Independent
    047 Andrew Jones, Mudskipper
    046 Kate Unsworth, Independent
    045 Hannah FitzGibbon, McCann Health Medical Communications
    044 Ezzie Hutchinson, Independent
    043 Kate Carpenter, Independent
    042 Krys Dylewska, Independent
    041 Mina Varsani, Independent
    040 Tamsin Johnson, AMICULUM
    039 Sheetal Patel, Delta Kn
    038 John Dixon, Independent
    037 Thomas Oecken-Richards, 7.4 Limited
    036 Jane Mason, Independent
    035 Becky Jones, ECHO Medical Communications
    034 Kathryn Lee, Independent
    033 Jo Whelan, Textpharm
    032 Jenny Szkolar, AMICULUM
    031 Petra Roberts, Independent
    030 Evelyn Altemeyer, Novartis
    029 Susan Rome, Publicis Health
    028 Lisa Henry, Publicis Resolute
    027 Paul Williams, Publicis Resolute
    026 Juliet Fawcett, Independent
    025 Annette Keith, Real Science Communications
    024 Anasua Ganguly, Independent
    023 Naveena Kapur, Independent
    022 Alice Kirk, Independent
    021 Martin Griffiths, InterComm International
    020 Tracey Spurway, Independent
    019 Lisa Jolly, Bioscript Group
    018 Claire Inness, highfield:communication
    017 Rob Davies, Stgilesmedical
    016 Joanne Redfern, InterComm International
    015 Alpa Parmar, Envision Pharma Group
    014 Sue Brackenridge, Fishawack Communications
    013 Jackie Bannister, Fishawack Communications
    012 Andrea Plant, Caudex
    011 Penny Gray, Independent
    010 Sally Hassan, Envision Pharma Group
    009 Matthew deSchoolmeester, Bioscript Group
    008 Corinne Swainger, Independent
    007 Justin Cook, Niche Science and Technology
    006 Hannah Wills, 7.4 Limited
    005 Chloe Malloy, Prime Global
    004 Jaya Shumoogam, 90TEN Group
    003 Harry O'Connor, Stgilesmedical
    002 Lisa Lovelidge, Independent
    001 Bettina Cortezi, Independent

    To make sure you're included in announcements about future events just email Peter Llewellyn, if you haven't already done so, to register your interest.


    This meeting is free to attend thanks to the generosity of the event sponsors, Stgilesmedical


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