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Facilitating Networking and Information Sharing amongst Pharmaceutical and MedComms, Medical Communications, Medical Education and Medical Publishing Specialists

This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    Every Tuesday we send out the MedComms Networking email newsletter to subscribers. It includes brief commentary on what we're doing and planning, and highlights relevant news to encourage sharing of information, experiences and ideas and to stimulate discussion. The text and links included below, by definition, were accurate on the day of publication, but may then become outdated.

    MedComms Networking - 31 January 2017


    First, another huge "shout out" this week to Porterhouse Medical, our latest Sponsor of MedComms Networking. Thanks, Guys! They confirmed their support just in time for our 10 year celebration last week and now join an illustrious group of leading agencies providing support and guidance. As I always say, "none of all this could happen without them." I'm looking forward to our next Sponsors' meeting in Macclesfield on 20 March when we'll have lots to discuss about MedComms and what more we can do as a group to support this specialist community.

    Many thanks also to the many who joined us in Oxford last week and to the many more around the world who emailed, tweeted, added Linkedin updates and much, much more. What a great day, not just for MedComms Networking but for #MedComms generally. Please keep the conversations going. I look forward to many more years of fruitful activity. As always, all feedback and ideas are welcomed at all times. Ideally, share those ideas and thoughts using our MedComms Networking Linkedin Group.

    If you weren't there last week, then get a flavour of the occasion by watching this short video of what is surely the first and only #MedComms Mannequin Challenge. Unless, of course, you know better in which case please share the videos... (note access to our video is slightly restricted because of the music and you may not be able to view on your mobile device, so use your desktop to enjoy the full experience!)

    So, onwards and upwards.

    Importantly I've just launched our MedComms Barometer 2017. I started this annual exercise last year and collected responses from 374 individuals. It provided some fascinating reading. You can view last year's data on our Surveys page.

    It's important to remember these online surveys are always going to need to be interpreted with care. They aren't rigorous research but they can still glean useful insights and provoke some feedback and maybe some discussions around various water coolers of one sort or another. Participation is on an entirely anonymous basis and the results will then be made freely available to all, immediately after the survey closes on 28 February. Please help spread the word and encourage all relevant others to participate.


    Meanwhile, I had my arm twisted last week and it seems I agreed to run another #MedComms Day, on 7 June 2017. Put the date in your diary. Remind yourself of what happened in the past five years at and start planning. It's never too early. Please spread the word and once again let's make it bigger, better and even bolder!

    Importantly also note our second MedComms Landscape Training day for new starters is taking place in Macclesfield on 7 March. The feedback from the first event was as good as it gets so ask Adrian directly if want to know more using

    Enjoy your week, everyone. There's lots being planned and you'll find details are always bang up-to-date


    Peter Llewellyn
    Managing Director, NetworkPharma Ltd
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