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This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    Every Tuesday we send out the MedComms Networking email newsletter to subscribers. It includes brief commentary on what we're doing and planning, and highlights relevant news to encourage sharing of information, experiences and ideas and to stimulate discussion. The text and links included below, by definition, were accurate on the day of publication, but may then become outdated.

    MedComms Networking - 23 January 2018


    It feels early for this weekly newsletter but I'm in London for the start of the European Meeting of ISMPP and very much looking forward to catching up with everyone there. Here's hoping there are some pastries left by the time I get there, for my breakfast.

    First, importantly - and in only three months from a standing start, including the Christmas and New Year hiatus - we've done it! My thanks to the many who contributed to our new careers guide for wannabe account managers. In particular, kudos to the sponsors of for their support of this important service and specifically for their helpful thoughts and comments about this new publication.

    The business of medical communications: a guide to getting started in account management has been written by Lindsey Heer who has just started her freelance career after working in the pharmaceutical industry and then in client servicing roles in agencies.

    As we explain in this new guide, the terminology, job titles and specific roles of account managers or project managers in MedComms agencies can vary, but effective account management is always critical. This new guide helps explain how that happens in practice and provides readers with an understanding of both the challenges and the rewards that come from a career in MedComms. It includes seven personal profiles written by current specialists in leading MedComms agencies, describing their personal journeys in to MedComms and the day-to-day work they now do, and an up-to-date directory of agency contacts. We will update the content every year.


    Note printed copies should be ready shortly. Copies are freely available while stocks last.

    The more we can all do to help spread the word about opportunities in this business the better for everyone. So, go spread that word amongst all your colleagues, and link from wherever you can (your web site, Linkedin profile, Twitter account to name but a few) to the guides and to the free resources at and, please, continue to support our efforts. Thank you.

    As always, all feedback is welcome.

    Don't forget, our original careers guide about medical writing has been published every year since 2009 and will be updated again in March, so let me know if you want your agency featured in that one this year. The more the merrier.

    Back to ISMPP and if you can't join us this week then, all being well, our next Brunch Club meeting in Oxford on 7 February will feature summaries of the proceedings from members of Aspire Scientific's team (the guys who publish regular news for medical publications professionals at The Publication Plan). We'll film the talks for but, as always, you're welcome to join us there. Meanwhile, follow the action on Twitter using hashtag #ISMPPEU18 - enjoy!

    Have a good week everyone but, please, find five minutes for our annual MedComms Barometer survey. We're heading towards 200 responses and I want more. Lots more!

    Now, where are those pastries...


    Peter Llewellyn
    Managing Director, NetworkPharma Ltd
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