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This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    Every Tuesday we send out the MedComms Networking email newsletter to subscribers. It includes brief commentary on what we're doing and planning, and highlights relevant news to encourage sharing of information, experiences and ideas and to stimulate discussion. The text and links included below, by definition, were accurate on the day of publication, but may then become outdated.

    MedComms Networking - 02 March 2021


    First, a big shout out to Dan Buckland and his colleagues at Brandcast Health who are now sponsoring MedComms Networking activity. Brandcast Health is a digital medcomms agency, working at the forefront of digital communications for healthcare professionals and patients. Huge kudos to you. And indeed to all the current Sponsors. Without their help I simply couldn't do all this in the way we do it, making so much valuable resource so freely accessible to so many. In these strange and disrupted times, it's even more valued.

    Second, a big shout out to Jayne Packham who joined me for last week's #MedComms webinar and provided a very clear, concise yet comprehensive overview of the changes in the UK's new ABPI Code.

    That recording is now freely accessible directly as usual, or you'll also find it, along with much more, at or in the MedComms YouTube channel. Feel free to share details with all relevant others and help spread the word using hashtag #MedComms.

    One important takeaway message? They've restructured the document completely. If you've assiduously learnt the Clause numbers over the years, to show off at parties, you'll find you've more work than usual to do this time around!

    My advice? If the ABPI Code affects you - and I assume it will affect many of you, some well beyond the UK's shores - then arrange a team meeting. Stream and share the video. Use it as the basis for discussions about how your activities might work out this year. If you've questions, reach out to Jayne directly. She'd love to hear from you.

    All feedback welcome.

    You might all find these references useful...

  • More about the ABPI Code of Practice - so, the UK's code
  • More about the EFPIA Code of Practice - so, the European code
  • More about the IFPMA Code of Practice - so, the International code
  • Joint Guidance on Virtual International Medical Congresses Impacted by COVID-19 was issued in July 2020 by IFPMA, EFPIA and PhRMA

    Tomorrow, Wednesday 3 March, we'll be joined by senior representatives from Langland. Annette Keith (Head of Editorial), Drew Owen (Chief Scientific Officer) and Diane Ross (Head of Scientific Strategy) will look into the pitfalls of healthcare communication and how medcomms agencies can help the pharmaceutical companies avoid them in "Getting MedComms right: navigating the age of the amateur expert". Everyone's welcome. Register here.

    Meanwhile, if you want your IR35 fix this week, try this shortish recording from a webinar run by The Work Crowd last week, IR35 reforms and what does this mean for freelancers? "How do you get around IR35?" asks one attendee. "You can't" responds guest speaker, Sean Mackenzie, carefully. Just 5 weeks to go, assuming no surprises from the UK's Chancellor tomorrow. And don't forget, if it goes ahead, this could also have implications for freelancers and their commissioners well beyond the UK.

    Enjoy your week, everyone.

    There's lots more coming. Enjoy. Give me a shout at any time if you've any questions, comments or suggestions.


    Peter Llewellyn
    Managing Director, NetworkPharma Ltd
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